Pet Name: Suki
Owner: Diane

I rescued Suki from a local shelter (her name was Gracie at the time), and I decided to name her Suki after a town I visited in South Africa called Soekmekaar, meaning “searching for each other”. I decided to use the phonetic spelling of the word (instead of Soekie) and coincidentally; it’s also a Japanese name meaning “beloved”.

Although she was 4 years old when I adopted her, Suki has settled into her new home as if she has always lived here. She had been in a small cage at the local shelter for over a month, so I guess she was just really relived to be out.

Suki is very easy-going, loves to sleep and loves to explore places she shouldn’t! Whenever I turn on a flash light or laser pointer, she gets very excited and starts to ‘talk’ and chirp. It’s very cute and funny to watch. Suki is a wonderful companion, and I’m very glad we found each other.

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