MaxPet Name: Max
Owner: Pauline

My dog’s name is Max and is short for Maxamillion, although his formal kennel name is ‘Delphmounts Max Our Million’. There’s no real story behind our choosing this name, other than we thought he looked like a ‘million dollars’ – so we named him Maxamillion.

When I first saw him he was 4 days old. I fell in love with him – he was so cute! I sat and held him while he slept for an hour. I visited him once each week for the next 7 weeks (the breeder lived over 2 and a half hours away!). He became more and more lively and playful as the weeks went by. When it was time to bring him home with me, he was already used to me and my scent. I hope this made it easier for him to leave his mother and his litter mates.

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