Funny pet names for fish

Looking for funny pet names for fish?

funny fish namesOur favorite funny pet fish names include ‘Jaws’ and ‘Sushi’.

Jaws, the most dreaded shark of all time (thanks to Steven Spielberg), is a funny name with lots of attitude (and it also works well as a hyperbole for a small, harmless fish).

Sushi…well, this term usually refers to a raw fish delicacy – though hopefully your pet fish will avoid this fate!

Here’s a collection of funny pet names to tickle your funny bone:

Aquaman – perfect for the heroic fish.
Bait – phew, your fish was spared this unfortunate ending!
Bob – a favorite fish pass-time, bobbing up and down in the water.
Bubba – slang for ‘brother’.
Bubbles – fish make lots of these.
Fancy Feast – perfect for the fish your cat would love to eat!
Fin – fish have a few of these to help propel them through water.
Flipper – a wide flat limb of sea mammals, used for swimming.
Flounder – a type of fish; a verb meaning to ‘move about helplessly’.
Gill – fish breathe through their gills.
Jaws – the most dreaded shark of all time, can you hear the scary music?
Moby Dick – a huge, legendary whale.
Mr. Big – for a big fish in a small pond.
Purr-dy – a name inspired by the resident cat.
Salmonella – kinda gross, but humorous.
Scuba – an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.
Sharky – a name with attitude, don’t mess with this fish!
Splash – use this name for an active fish that likes to make waves.
Splish – a great name for a pair of fish – Splish and Splash.
Stick – as in ‘fish stick’ – yummy.
Sushi – hopefully this won’t become your fish’s fate!

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